How To Tell The Difference Between Impetigo And Herpes Labialis Impetigo Or Cold Sore (oral Herpes)?

Impetigo or cold sore (oral herpes)? - how to tell the difference between impetigo and herpes labialis

Can someone tell me the difference between impetigo, or herpes labialis (to my knowledge is the VHS)? I have this slap in the face near the mouth of more than 3 weeks, seems to be improving, and is crisp. This happens all the time. It hurts, but it itches soooo bad the whole time. Whitehead began as a button, and I jumped, I would be immediately after cleaning, but I just got on my makeup as usual ..... I do not know, maybe these bacteria causing impetigo may? I've never had a cold sore before, and that this is about 10 weeks last person I kissed. I'm so confused, I went to the doctor, but the day of my appointment, I began to see better and said he did not like the culture and are looking for something, then the next day even worse. argh! Any help would be great, thanks!


Imaka said...

Impetigo will be called by a bacterium and ulcers caused by a virus.

Impetigo is an infection of the skin frequently. It is more common in children, especially children in unsanitary conditions. In adults it may follow other skin disorders. Impetigo is an acute infection of the upper respiratory tract viral infections such as colds or follow others. It is similar to the cellulite, but it is superficial, with infection of the upper layers of the skin with streptococcus (STREP), Staphylococcus aureus (staph), or both.

Cold sores are caused by a viral infection that attacks the skin and nervous system. Cold sores are small, painful blisters with fluid in the mouth or nose full.

opionate... said...

Perhaps a cold sore, but if you do, then reapply your makeup and the composition itself is always a chance that contaminated make-up and it always is.
My proposal will, make-up.

Also go to the library to fetch a book with the title:
Find out what the nurses and doctors no time, you have to say.

You through the basics and can give you some basic information about the conditions before the pressure on

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